MBM Photography

If you are a local, or in town, we also offer  photography on our list of services. Lindsay is very talented with a camera & creating adorable photo shoot scenes (I am by no means a professional photographer but I guarantee photos that you will always cherish). Browse through our Photography for examples

1 hour session - $10
2 hour session - $15
3 hour session - $25

Up to 3 people in the session, after that it’s $1 per person. ALL sessions include a disk with all the photos from the session. $3 discount for little girls wearing bows Made By Mommy!

Julia Marie Hardin

November 30, 2013 | 20 months

This photoshoot was a 30 minute quickie of Christmas photos & 20 month photos for Julia Marie Hardin, daughter of Billy & Courtney Hardin of Brownsville, KY, that was done at my home in front of my own Christmas trees with my own props. There are 9 photos in total. I cut the price of the 1 hour session in half since it was just 30 minutes; making the price of this shoot $5. BUT since the bow they used was made by Made By Mommy they got an extra $3 off. They paid $2 total for the shoot & a disk containing the photos. They also received a 10% off coupon for the next photoshoot they have done with us! 

Waylon Allen Tex Browning

October 29, 2013 | 6 months

This photoshoot was a 2 hour shoot with 3 seperate outfit & scene changes; all done & made at my house. These are the 6 month photos for Waylon Allen Tex, the son of Cody & Kaitlyn Browning of Brownsville, KY. There are 29 photos in total. They received all of these for $15 with all 29 photos on a disk! They also received a coupon for 25% off the next photoshoot they have done with us! 

Elaina Jane Miller

July 20, 2013 | 4 months

This photoshoot was a 1 hour shoot done at my house for my daughter's 4 month pictures. Buck naked in a camo tutu & bow! There are 19 photos in this shoot; 20 including the cover photo. All of these photos would have been only $10 with everyone of them on a disk. A coupon for 25% off the next shoot done with us would have been given as well!

The Miller's

April 2013 | 3, 18 mo & 1 mo.

This photoshoot was a 1 hour photo shoot done in Wingfield, KY (on 1749 off of 185) at my husband's grandfathers property; it was the first photo shoot I done with my iPhone. The children pictured are my children; Skye Ora Miller (3 at time), Aiden Joseph Lee Miller (18 months at time) & Elaina Jane Miller (1 month at time). This was their summer photoshoot. The other's pictured was their great-grandfather Billy G Miller (owner of property) & their daddy Curtis Miller. There are 16 pictures in total. All of these photos would have been $10 for the photoshoot plus $2 for the extra 2 people. Totaling in $12. A coupon for 25% off the next shoot would have been given as well!