Auntie GG Wreaths

S-$15 | Med-$25 | Lg-$30

These gorgeous wreaths are all handmade by Auntie GG & she absolutely loves making them so they are all made with love! Order yours today! 
All of the examples of her work we currently have are pictured to the right. 

MBM Kitchen Spoons

$5 ea or 3/$12

I absolutely love making the Kitchen Spoons! You can have them decorated pretty much anyway you can think of. All of the orders we've done for them so far are pictured to the left.
S & H is $1.50 ea or 3/$4!

Set of 3 Kitchen Spoons; S for Skye, A for Aiden & E for Elaina. Children's initials. Made for my myself in my home!

Mrs. SpoonsWorth - Courtney Hardin's kitchen companion with a J for Julia on her.

PCLS - made for Jared Sherrard for his some Parker Cameron Lee Sherrard.

Boutique Bow Holders


All bow holders have 20 inch tails on them to hold bows on, the plaques with the initials on them can pretty much be designed however you would want them! The butterflies however were limited edition & all except for 1 has been sold.